West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges

ESF funding

The West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (WYCC) is the lead organisation for a number of skills contracts funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) (part of the European Structural Investment Fund). These contracts will help to achieve the objectives of the Leeds City Region Employment & Skills Plan (2016-2020) and increase growth prosperity among businesses.


Under the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK would continue to participate in the programmes financed by the current EU Budget until their closure. This means that all ESF programmes would be fully funded under the current 2014-20 Multiannual Financial Framework. For full information please see the Government's briefing on Brexit and ESF.


All participants must be 18+, in employment, have the right to work in the UK and be employed by a business located in within the Leeds City Region area.

WYCC current ESF projects:

The Skills Service: a unique package of training and support for employers in the Leeds City Region

Higher Performing Workplaces: supporting SMEs poised for growth

Progression From Low Pay: supporting individuals in low paid employment

[re]boot: offering individuals the chance to upskill, re-skill and gain employability and sector specific skills.

Our experienced skills associates will work with you and the consortium's seven Joint Venture colleges in West Yorkshire and our wider partners, to find a solution whether existing or not, and explore wider opportunities for improving the skills of your workforce.

These contracts offer skills beyond the existing training offer in this region through collaboration between employers and colleges. We aim to shape training solutions for higher skilled workforces and create opportunities for those facing barriers to training in low paid roles as well as providing solutions to support economic growth for businesses.

Commissioned work

Where relevant, the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges will procure provision from organisations for specific and targeted activities to help the consortium fulfil these contracts. These activities must be designed to complement other skills offers within the Leeds City Region and will be subject to approval by WYCC.

Find our latest commissions and tender opportunities please register on the In-tend website.