West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges

9 April 2020

Helping to 'Grow Skills' as Higher Performing Workplaces launches

Training providers from across the region have been commissioned through the Higher Performing Workplaces (HPW) project to help businesses develop internal talent.

At a time when resources are precious, having a team with the skills needed to run a resilient businesses is critical. While the offer was developed before the Coronavirus pandemic, the courses and funding available can help businesses to operate and come through this difficult time.

Higher Performing Workplaces offers training in four categories:

The full offer is live on the WYCC website, showcasing over 20 training providers with an offer of around 160 courses. The Grow Skills brochure is available as an interactive PDF document. This brochure showcases the training providers and summarises the training offer, and is also live on the WYCC website. Grow Skills HPW brochure

Joanne Harvatt, Project Manager for HPW said,

"The offer available through this project is very relevant to the current situation. Many businesses will be exploring new and innovative ways of working, dealing with difficult HR issues, looking for inner leaders and innovating or adapting their services and products to compete in a changing market. The courses can support teams to adapt, and each of the training providers is finding a means to deliver these courses within the restrictions of the current national situation."

Funding available

Eligible businesses (SMEs in the Leeds City Region) can receive 40% ESF funding towards the cost of any HPW training.

Coaching add-on

Individuals who are accessing training through HPW will also be able to access coaching from a selection of coaches contracted by WYCC. This coaching should support individuals to embed the learning into the work of the business and is also eligible for 40% ESF funding.

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