West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges

30 September 2022

Webinar: Sustainable Development Goals - An Introduction for businesses

Want to understand more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and what they mean to your business?

It's easy to get overwhelmed or lost in jargon and buzzwords about sustainability. Do we really understand what it all means, why it's important? And how can it affect and improve your business?

As part of West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges' drive to support businesses get the #greenskills they need, this short webinar will offer a first step for businesses to understand some of the terminology and intent of the SDGs.

SDGs in businessIn 2017, Shipley College was the first college in the world to sign up to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this short webinar, Vice Principal Greg O'Shea will give you an essential introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals and their intent, to help you begin your journey to becoming a more sustainable business.

This session will begin a conversation about how businesses can contribute to a more equitable society through carrying out an assessment of their practices, policies and procedures. It will arm you with fundamental knowledge about the global sustainability efforts and what they actually mean.

The seminar is suitable for anyone who would like to understand more about these Global Goals (SDGs). You may be just starting on your journey to taking action to support these goals, or you might have already started but want to understand how it fits in with the #worldstodolist.

Begin to understand how taking action can help meet your business's growth ambitions.

In follow up, you will also be invited to a more in-depth event which will help to interpret the goals further. This face to face event will showcase how other businesses are taking action to benefit the globe and the bottom line, what the advantages are and what the risk of not taking action could be.

Take your first step to a sustainable future for your business. Book now on Eventbrite.

This webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams.

This event is part of the Department For Education's Strategic Development Fund and is managed by the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges.

We are proud to be part of West Yorkshire Innovation Festival 2022, brought to you by the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin and partners from across West Yorkshire. Join us as we celebrate and inspire innovation across the region, inspire the next generation and make sure innovation is open to everyone.


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