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11 July 2019

Panintelligence, analytics and business intelligence software provider, is already feeling the benefits of The Skills Service

We caught up with the Leeds-based business Panintelligence's Operations Director, Charlotte Bailey, about their experience so far and what training they’ve got in store.

Charlotte Bailey:

“The reality was when I searched The Skills Service online, you were easy to find. I found the consortium, made a phone call, got through to Sharlotte, she came on site within a week and within 10 days the training was booked!

“What we needed was bespoke, as a result we had a total of six days training in SQL. We have a team of consultants that use SQL to integrate client’s data connections with our software, which enables connectivity. Whilst the consultants are extremely competent, SQL has moved on so they don’t know what they don’t know. We went through a standard set of course details with the training provider QA, pulled out the sections the consultants required the information on and then created the course based on that.

“The ESF application process was really easy, Sharlotte was extremely informative particularly because it wasn’t like I was choosing something out of a brochure. Sharlotte kept everything up-to-date, we had good engagement with QA whose trainer was extremely insightful and supportive. The trainer made recommendations and suggestions and some of those things are being implemented already, which is great considering we only finished the course last week. We’ve learnt new ways of doing things, which means we’re faster to deploy. It means overall a better customer experience.”

“The ESF funding has been reinvested back into the company. Training is important for our staff happiness and wellbeing, staff feel like they’ve been invested in as well and that’s really important for Panintelligence. Our values are Supportive, Open, and Innovative and part of that comes from investing in staff as individuals so that they can be those things.

“Some members of the team have been with us many years and they said the SQL training as been the most valuable training they’ve had. Now they’re pushing me to find something else they can do next year! We’ve got a strong growth strategy that’s taking us through the next five years, this includes strengthening our development side with Agile, DevOps and cyber security. We’ll also look at strengthening the sales team and marketing team. Skills enablement is a feature for almost anyone in the business.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend The Skills Service, in fact, I already have to other Leeds City Region businesses! It’s been a good experience, something I wish we’d capitalised on sooner.”

Panintelligence is now using The Skills Service to organise bespoke sales training and mental health first aid training.

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