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Strategic Marketing Development: RedKite

Strategic Marketing Development: RedKite - 1726

Game Changer - Workshop Three

  • The importance of storytelling to your business
  • Use of social media to grow your business
  • Customer Discovery and Channels to your customer
  • Online sales
  • Within this workshop links to Workshop One (understanding the company values and Why) as well as Workshop Two. The focus on developing a strategic marketing development utilising various canvases including the Persona canvas, the Strategic Marketing Canvas etc.
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    8 October 2019

    Wine School of Excellence: Certified training for the hospitality industry through The Skills Service

    On a sunny Friday afternoon in York, we caught up with Gillian Tinney - Managing Director of the Wine School of Excellence (WSE). Newly contracted…

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    1 October 2019

    Skills Cafe: Workshop announced for manufacturing businesses

    The Skills Service is inviting SMEs working in manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and textiles to its next Skills Cafe on Friday 25 October. The event will…

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