West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
SME Future Leaders Programme: Lattitude7 - 1617

The BVAA (British Valve and Actuator Association) has, since December 2015, provided a leadership training opportunity, for member companies, called the Future Leaders Programme (FLP). This established programme can now be delivered on an open basis. Typically, each cohort is made up of around 12 delegates representing various member organisations around the country.

Each cohort of delegates completes around 12 company visits (Host Days - to appreciate the workings of other companies) and, alongside the host days, they complete eight full-day Personal Development workshops (PD days). In total there are 8 sessions and at the end of each session the delegates are presented with an assignment so they can apply the principles in the workplace. These assignments are then reviewed at the start of the subsequent session. There is a strong element of praise and recognition within the programme and, at each session, delegates have the chance to win a ‘Contribution to Session’ Award, voted for by their peers.

Prior to programme start, the nominated delegates are asked to complete a psychometric survey. This survey provides the delegates with an understanding of their own preferences and behaviours, their style when working in a team (including a composite team map for the group) and any opportunities for future personal development and leadership fine-tuning.

For the 2019 – 2020 cohort, the Personal Development programme content will be endorsed by ILM.

Over 8 sessions, topics include: 1. Leadership Presenting. 2. Communications, interpersonal skills, teamwork. 3. Time and Life Management. 4. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. 5. Influencing, persuasion and negotiations. 6. Directors responsibilities, accountability, ownership. 7. Appreciative Inquiry, Total Employee Engagement. 8. Coaching & Mentoring skills.