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SME Future Leaders Programme: Business HorsePower

SME Future Leaders Programme: Business HorsePower - 1426

Business is changing and as we enter the Impact Era it is more and more apparent that the old command and control structures will not serve us.Our Future Leaders programme focuses on helping develop the skills needed to successfully lead and manage teams in a VUCA world.This will be an experiential programme run over 2 days with some supportive coaching to help embed the behavioural change required.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying main obstacles to effective leadership.
  • what is leadership and how does it differ from management
  • Understanding different leadership styles and when to use them
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence and appreciation of own values and beliefs
  • What is a team v a group
  • Obstacles to effective team working
  • Benefits of effective teamwork and dynamics of team development
  • Understand the relationship between delegation and empowerment
  • Use of authority v accountability v responsibility
  • Difference between productive v busy work; urgent v important

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