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Sensory Skills Intermediate: North Star Coffee Roasters

Sensory Skills Intermediate: North Star Coffee Roasters - 1417

This course is suitable for those wanting to pursue specialist knowledge at a high level in this subject. It is recommended that you have some experience of working in this field before attempting this level or have successfully passed Sensory Skills Foundation. It is broken down into three areas:

I. How we taste, perceive and interpret

This covers approximately one third of the sensory skills Intermediate module. the workshop explores our perception of taste, smell, flavour, and how to be aware of changes to our sensory systems. Practical exercises include ranking exercises and blind sample assessment. The session will also show you how to apply this theory to your work by defining triangulation protocol, how to design effective experiments, and how to use statistics to interpret your results.

II. Running a Cupping Session and Tasting The Diversity of Coffee

This area covers approximately one third of the sensory skills Intermediate module. It will show how to apply sensory theory to your understanding of specialty coffee. It will review individual attributes found on commonly used cupping forms and what the best protocol effective assessment of these is. It will look at how perception of these attributes changes and what sensory errors to be aware of in your daily cupping.

III. How to set up Sensory in your business and sensory application

This area covers approximately one third of the sensory skills Intermediate module and will show you how to apply the theory of sensory analysis to your workplace. It gives an overview of key equipment in sensorial coffee quality assurance, and how to integrate these tools into your lab set up. the course also looks at how to build and screen a sensory panel for your business, how to schedule a quality control programme, and how to identify what types of test are right for different purposes.

This two day course provides you with the key information to enable you to sit your Sensory Skills Intermediate certification that consists of 4 short practical exams and a written exam (25 questions with a pass rate of 70% required). Successful students will be awarded 10 points towards the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

This course is 14-16 hours in length.

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