West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Sensory Skills Foundation: North Star Coffee Roasters - 1416

Sensory skills is a course designed to help you better understand how you taste and perceive flavour which is then applied specifically to how we understand coffee's quality.

This course covers the essentials of sensory evaluation. You will learn in a very practical and interactive manner the way we perceive what we taste and how to apply it to the evaluation of the intrinsic characteristics of coffee. It also offers an introduction to identify specialty coffee qualities and gain an overview on how to implement it in your business. We will be utilising the Le Nez de Cafe aroma kit along with practical solutions testing and coffee profiling.

The course provides you with the key information to enable you to sit your Sensory Skills Foundation certification that consists of 4 short practical exams and a written exam (15 questions -pass rate of 60% required). Successful students will be awarded 5 points towards the SCA Coffee Diploma.

This course is eight hours in length.