West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
SCA Grind and Brew Intermediate: North Star Coffee Roasters - 1414

This is a course designed to build on fundamental brewing knowledge and principles. Though these are brought into play in the course content of the Foundation level Brewing module, this course could be perfect for anyone who has been a specialty coffee user for a number of years, so long as their experience was not limited to only espresso brewing.

The content of this course will allow any barista to approach brewing in a critical and analytical way. Each element of brewing is analysed independently to give brewers a full understanding of the impact of alterations made to brewing variables either voluntarily or involuntarily, through either error or lack of knowledge. This course gives a coffee enthusiast or professional the key perspectives that will aid them in minimising error across any type of brewing method, including even espresso or methods they have never before approached.

Theory of the course includes data-driven precedents set through the years of brewing research conducted by: the Coffee Quality Institute, the Speciality Coffee Association, World Coffee Research and the Coffee Brewing Institute. Broadly, topics will cover: timing in brewing; measuring brewing effectively; water quality; roast solubility; setting recipes; filtration methods, and grinding logically.

We will put course content into practice using key types of brewing equipment. By the end of the SCA Intermediate level of the Brewing module, attendees will be able to apply sound logic and brewing theory to establish brewing recipes and parameters for both grinding and techniques, to produce great coffee for a range of preferences.