West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Occasional Industrial Climber - Module Three: SpanSet - 1582

This course is designed for those who intend to access towers, masts, or similar structures using pre-installed fall arrest systems and use work positioning techniques to carry out work at height.

On completion of the course they should be able to carry out pre-use checks and use pre-installed access systems on masts, towers and similar structures. They will also be able to safely position themselves to work in these environments.

During training delegates will be expected to carry out activities at a height in excess of 20m. This will provide an insight into the delegates’ ability to operate in such conditions. This is only an indication of their capability, as it is not possible to recreate exact working environments.

The actual height and exposure will be set out on the certification, but this is only to show what was included in the training. The height shown on the certification is not intended to limit the height at which the delegate can operate.

An awareness of the requirement for rescue provision while working with fall arrest and work position systems.