West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Microsoft SharePoint End User: The Knowledge Academy - 1361

This 1-day Microsoft SharePoint End User Fundamentals training course is designed to provide delegates with the foundation skills needed to optimise their use of the application. This trainer-led course will cover all versions of Microsoft SharePoint within a general format.

Microsoft SharePoint is an online application that enables individuals to manage documents either for corporate or personal use. Within this program, delegates are able to store, share, and organise digital information making it more accessible to all team members. Microsoft SharePoint can also be used in collaboration with users outside of the organisation. Therefore, SharePoint makes it easy to share specific information with clients or customers, through a web-based format.

By the completion of this Microsoft SharePoint End User Fundamentals training course, candidates will have been taught how to use SharePoint and its functions. Delegates will have also been educated on specific tips and tricks that will enhance their use of Microsoft SharePoint.