West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Introduction to MIG and TIG Welding: Leeds City College - 1589

Have you tried welding before but need to refresh your skills? Would you like to try welding as a means of making art or do you simply need to quickly gain the basic techniques and skills of welding? This ten week course will give you the ability and confidence. It is designed to give you a good grounding in welding theory and practice, typical welding joints and application.An introductory course designed for students who have no, or very little experience of welding. The course builds basic welding techniques in the first few weeks, and then develops these skills covering both MIG and TIG welding practices.There is lots of practical training using mostly the MIG welding process, with Stick (arc) welding and gas welding if there is time or if applicable to your needs. The course is delivered on an evening at the Print Works Campus.