West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
GQA Level Three NVQ Certificate in Fabrication of Glass Supporting Structures: Total Support Training - 1545

This qualification is aimed at those who undertake work to produce fabricated products such as door and window frames and units, conservatories and fabrications used in curtain walling systems etc. Units in this qualification cover the processing and fabricating of frames by joining and assembly. It is not expected that candidates working in this area all do the same activities: the qualification is structured to ensure that there is a high degree of flexibility in the qualification. The standard covers the most important aspects of the job.

This qualification is at Level Three, although some individual units may be at different levels, and should be taken by those who are experienced fabricators.

Candidates will often take a technical supervisory role, particularly in relation to less-experienced workers and will be required to be able to carry out quality checks on materials and fabrications. This will be achieved with observations and training workshops on knowledge.