West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Change Management Foundation and Practitioner: Leap Like A Salmon - 1530

Four days over one week – will actually be three days of six hours with pre-work.

This course would be aimed at SMEs who are going through or planning change and would follow Kotters 8 stages of change management. Covering: Create urgency, form a powerful coalition, create a vision for change,communicate the vision, empower action, create quick wins, build on the change, and make it stick. It will be an interactive and practical course applying knowledge through case studies and discussion and application within their workplace. By the end of the course they will have a strategy for managing, communicating and sustaining change.


To understand the impact and process of change, following Kotter’s 8 stages of change.


Following the course you will be given free access to an online Hub where you will be able to capture and manage your continuing professional development.