West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Certified DevOps Professional (CDOP): The Knowledge Academy - 1344

This 2-day course forms an introduction to DevOps and aims to equip delegates with a thorough and complete understanding of DevOps culture.

The DevOps term is an abbreviation of Development Operations. Its core focus is on breaking down the traditional silos and amalgamating Software Development and IT Operations, with an emphasis placed on the collaboration and communication of these two groups, within an organisation. Essentially, Software Development and IT Operations are two separate entities that co-exist. DevOps practices aim to bring these together, in order to improve communication and thus productivity.

DevOps is unique in its approach. It is not defined as a product or framework but instead concentrates on 8 key principles to form a productive culture:

  1. All activities and objectives must be customer oriented
  2. Complete autonomy and ownership of all participating team members
  3. Transparency
  4. Emphasis on communication between the teams, being conscious of other’s roles and responsibilities
  5. Cross-collaboration between the teams
  6. Final product must always remain the core focus at each stage, ensuring the highest quality end product
  7. Shorter development iterations, allowing for regular testing and continual improvement
  8. Issues identified and resolved rapidly ensuring quicker delivery of product

Whether adopting a DevOps culture into your organisation, being instrumental in the change, or aligning yourself with current DevOps practices in your place of work, ensure that you are equipped with the essential DevOps practices, by becoming a CDOP (Certified DevOps Professional). We also offer other DevOps courses that delegates may wish to progress on to. We offer a Certified Agile DevOps Professional (CADOP) course and a Certified DevOps Security Professional (CDOSP) course.