West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges
Certified Business Analysis Professional: The Knowledge Academy - 1343

Our comprehensive Certified Business Analyst Professional training course provides delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to emerge as proficient Business Analysts. During this course, delegates will become familiar with the main roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst, in order to accelerate their performance within an organisation.

All enterprises require efficient Business Analysts to evaluate operations and identify areas that need attention, to develop overall business performance and extract enhanced benefits. Thus, Business Analysts are valuable assets within organisations, and consequently, well-trained individuals are greatly desired. Hence, our globally recognised CBA-PRO training course is perfect for those who are wishing to evolve as competent Business Analysts, as delegates will learn all they need to know in just two days.

Certified Business Analyst Professional is delivered by our skilled and experienced training instructors, who possess a distinguished understanding of Business Analyst notions. Their ability to transfer their expert knowledge to delegates is exceptional, and their approachable manner ensures that delegates’ questions don’t go unanswered.

Delegates will learn how to recognise and solve problems, and manage business change in an appropriate manner. The instructor will cover what it takes to be a successful Business Analyst, dealing with stakeholders, and the identification of factors for business advancement. Focus will also be placed on suitable techniques that should be used during analysis of business data, and how to work with a team.

Business Analysis is used universally among all sectors and so Analysts from all industries and departments would benefit from this training course, as the knowledge they acquire is easily transferable and broadly applicable. Thus, there are great career prospects associated with this role. By the end of this Business Analysis training course, it is expected that candidates should have gained a comprehensive understanding of the techniques, principles, and concepts associated with a Business Analyst role.