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Build Your Own Phishing Platform: QA Ltd

Build Your Own Phishing Platform: QA Ltd - 1449

The AntiSocial Engineer Limited provides an exclusive opportunity to uncover the secrets behind phishing email delivery and give insight to sending large scale educational phishing campaigns. Helping to bring you a phishing platform and the ability to run phishing campaigns in-house. Providing practical workshops, live demos to hone your skills and teach you the techniques needed to improve security defences against phishing attacks in a safe and efficient manner.

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8 October 2019

Wine School of Excellence: Certified training for the hospitality industry through The Skills Service

On a sunny Friday afternoon in York, we caught up with Gillian Tinney - Managing Director of the Wine School of Excellence (WSE). Newly contracted…

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1 October 2019

Skills Cafe: Workshop announced for manufacturing businesses

The Skills Service is inviting SMEs working in manufacturing, advanced manufacturing and textiles to its next Skills Cafe on Friday 25 October. The event will…

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