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Access, Egress and Rescue from a Confined Space - Module 10: SpanSet

Access, Egress and Rescue from a Confined Space - Module 10: SpanSet - 1569

The course is designed to make operatives fully conversant in the operation of a Tripod, Winch and Recovery block.

The course will enable the operatives to carry out a controlled lift and lower of an operative and retrieve an unconscious casualty.

During training delegates will be expected to carry out activities at height and in a confined space. This will provide an insight into the delegates’ ability to operate in such conditions. This is only an indication of their capability, as it is not possible to recreate exact working environments.

The actual height and exposure will be set out on the certification, but this is only to show what was included in the training. The height shown on the certification is not intended to limit the height at which the delegate can operate.

Further details of the training facilities, first aid provision, insurance, etc. are available upon request.

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